Interior Design and Organization

We design unique, beautiful and functional interior spaces tailored for you. From the initial design consulation and picking colours and materials to hanging pictures and placing furniture, we make decorating stress-free and fun!

Our Interior Design Services


Not sure where to start? A one-on-one consultation is a great way to brainstorm ideas and get the ball rolling on any project, big or small. The end result? You’ll have a package list of what you’ll need to make your dream space come true.
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Design Drawings

Can a picture be worth a thousand words? Yes, it can! A detailed design drawing will show the colours and products to use and the layout and flow of your new space. Most important of all, it will ensure that everyone is on the same “page” and knows what to expect.

Sourcing of Furniture and Décor Items

Where did you get that? It can be tricky to find the right furniture and décor items to complement your space and style. When we source items for you, we are mindful of dimensions, colours and function – and your budget – to find the items just right for your space.

Sourcing of Building Product

How to make the right choices? If choosing the perfect siding, brick, flooring, paint or countertops for your project sounds overwhelming, we can help! We can source products with your budget in mind, or simply offer up a second opinion about your chosen options.

Refresh Your Space

How about making a few small changes? Switch up a few items and your home’s decor can be refreshed quickly. We can help you fall in love with your home all over again with the specialized services offered below:

Our Organization Services

Need a hand getting your house “stuff” under control? Whether you’ve just moved, are getting ready to move or are somewhere between those two points, we can help you get organized with the services below:


Wondering where to begin? You’re all moved into your new home and the boxes need unpacking. If you don’t have the time or desire to tackle this daunting task, don’t stress! We can assist you with the unpacking – or we’ll can take on the complete task for you until everything is put away.


Do you have “that” closet or bedroom? The one that when company comes over you make sure the door is closed and hope no one opens it? Enough already! We can help you take that space back by decluttering and organizing into useable space you’ll enjoy opening the door to!


What stays and what goes? Downsizing can be an overwhelming experience. Working at your pace, we will employ a systematic approach that helps making decisions about your belongings a bit easier. We can also assist with disposing of the items you choose not to keep.


Getting ready to sell? Your home will catch more buyers’ attention and sell more quickly when it’s been staged for an optimal viewing experience. We can help you get your home ready for sale – with a plan that works for you within time frame and budget.

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Sometimes it takes a fresh eye to see your space and its true potential.